Welcome to the LAMA company

We are a manufacturer of knitted fabrics, nonwovens, laminates and anti-condensates in domestic and foreign markets. We also offer a number of additional services on the request of our customers.

We cooperate with enterprises from the clothing, footwear, toy and textile industries. The construction industry also uses our services. Various products are made of knitted fabrics: caps, coats, shoes and toys for children. They are also used in the production of such types of clothing as jackets, suits and trousers.

High quality wool for the clothing industry

The wool manufactured by our company is characterised by excellent thermal insulation properties. In addition, it absorbs moisture and is very breathable, which is why it is used for making bedding for people with allergies. Our range of products includes both burnt and boiled wool. The resistance of this material to UV rays and a wide range of colours make it extremely popular in the clothing industry. It is used for making strong and durable coats, scarves and warm sweaters.

Products made of wool are very good for health of those who wear them. The burnt wool available on sale has edges that do not fray. For this reason, it is used for the production of clothing with elegant external seams. Boiled wool is very pleasant to the touch, flexible and breathable at the same time. Its properties are obtained by the effect of high temperature which causes its shrinkage, and thus the pressed material is achieved. Boiled wool perfectly retains heat, so it is suitable for the production of scarves and various types of outer garment.

We are the only Polish manufacturer of lana cotta used in the clothing industry. It is a high quality material, used for the production of jackets, cardigans, coats and other stylish items of clothing. This popular burnt wool is suitable for cold days, and clothes made from it are characterised by high resistance to mechanical damage.

Nonwovens, anti-condensates and laminates

Our company offers a wide range of needled nonwovens and geotextiles used in the footwear industry, but also in the construction and furniture industries. They are characterised by increased tensile strength and protect against various external factors. Needled nonwovens are perfect to be used as upholstery fabrics in upholstered furniture. In addition, they improve the utility values of footwear, protecting it against the effects of extreme temperatures or preventing deformation of flexible parts of the boot upper.

We also offer a self-adhesive membrane that acts as an anti-condensation barrier in buildings with an uninsulated roof. Using our product allows for retaining the moisture and evaporating it at the right time, so that the roof is protected from damage. As a manufacturer, we offer a warranty on all available products.

We provide flame lamination consisting in combining textile materials by melting polyurethane foam. We also bond them with water-thinnable adhesive. In addition, we offer impregnation of textiles, combining them with the use of PE film, as well as calendering, i.e. improving nonwovens by subjecting them to high temperature. Good price and fast completion date are our main strengths.

Innovativeness and development

We focus on modern solutions and rigorous standards, so our machine park is equipped with the best equipment. Thanks to this, our knitted wool fabric meets the expectations of demanding customers in Poland and abroad. We control every aspect of the production process, which is why we are sure that thick wool and other products are safe and durable. We are constantly expanding our offer with new products to gain a competitive advantage. That is why we introduce such products as lana cotta or fleece knitted fabrics to our product range.

We manufacture knitted fabrics with different weights, lengths of hair and finishings. A rich palette of colours and the possibility of creating any designs make our knitted wool fabric easily adapted to the specific preferences of the customer. If you need to create your own design, we encourage you to use the help of our specialists who will prepare a trial sample in line with the customer's idea and send it for approval. On request, our boiled wools and other knitted fabrics can receive certificates confirming their high quality.

In case of any questions related to products or services offered by our shop, we encourage you to contact us by phone or e-mail. We will be happy to advise you in choosing the best solution, and we will also present the suggested pricing. We are at your disposal during office hours. We invite you to view our offer and place orders. We are sure that you will be satisfied.