LAM PROTECT is a non-woven fabric prepared to maintain cleanliness, hygiene and resistance to surrounding bacteria and viruses. The non-woven fabric has been protected with a special antibacterial and hydrophobic agent. It contains silver ions, which control bacteria with a triple mechanism.

The antibacterial finish of the non-woven fabric with a silver-based agent prevents unrestrained multiplication of bacteria on the fabric's surface. Silver nanoparticles exhibit bactericidal, fungicidal and antiviral activity. Natural balance of bacterial flora on the body skin is not disturbed. A finish used in Lam Protect is an antibacterial non-migrating agent. This means that it works on the product without forming inhibitory areas (according to the Agar-Diffusionsplattentest SN 195 920).

To increase the volume of safety against droplet-borne bacteria, the non-woven fabric is equipped with an additional hydrophobic coating, which prevents liquid from penetrating the fabric structure. In presence of moisture, silver ions which act against bacteria are released, if necessary, to inhibit further multiplication of bacteria cells protecting our health.

We produce hygienic non-woven fabrics made of polyester and polypropylene fibres in the NEEDLE-PUNCH technology, ranging from 50g to 450g. Standard width: 1600mm