Nonwovens and Geotextiles

Needled Nonwovens

Needled Nonwovens

Designed for the footwear industry, products made of polypropylene, polyester, polyamide, viscose staple fibres or their mixtures. In the LAMA company, they are manufactured with traditional mechanical needle-punched method. Footwear nonwoven is a material that allows to give shoes the desired visual characteristics and improve their utility values. Our offer includes approx. 20 products from the group of needled nonwovens used in various parts of the shoe.

insulating (warmer) - used in winter footwear as an additional thermal insulation layer, protecting against the effects of low temperatures.

upper - they are used for the production of the upper part of certain types of footwear, acting as an external material.

lining - inner padding part of the boot's upper.

interlining - placed between the top of the upper and the lining to strengthen flexible or thin parts of the upper, prevent deformation of the flexible parts of the boot upper.

padding - component of the footwear bottom, protecting the foot from uneven sewing stitches.



Geotextile is a type of nonwoven manufactured from raw materials resistant to biodegradable agents, intended for use in earth structures. High quality and durability products from LAMA geotextile are widely used in earth and land reclamation works in the construction of drainage systems. They perform the function of protecting drainage systems against clogging, separating and filtering.

Technical capabilities enable us to manufacture nonwovens with the following parameters:

Weight: 80 - 1800 g/m2
Thickness:  1 - 8,5 mm.
Width: 30 - 600 cm.